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It all started with a lunch invitation from our friends at Hagerty, those nice insurance people, at the Goodwood Revival. The guest sitting across the table looked familiar, and sure enough it was British actor Chris Barrie, a veteran of the Red Dwarf sci-fi comedy series who American viewers might also recognise as Laura Croft's butler Hilary. It turns out that Chris is a die-hard petrolhead with a particular affinity - bless him - for old Jaguars. This got us thinking, and that's how a couple of months later we found ourselves on a wet, cold Welsh hilltop with a 57 year old racing car noisily barking at the tranquil countryside.

We managed to dodge torrential downpours ("great for dramatic lighting" the cameraman enthused), fell foul of the local law ('Tocyn Goryrru' is Welsh for 'speeding ticket'), received a warm welcome at Jaguars old Browns Lane works (thanks to Tony O'Keeffe and his heritage team) and were inspired by the worlds most energetic 93 year old, the effervescent former test driver Norman Dewis. The Italian film crew discovered black pudding and fish'n'chips, Chris spent two days on cloud nine and the producer spent a lot of time translating from Midlands into Italian. It was a blast.

Take a few minutes to escape from work and join Chris in the cockpit, and let us know if you enjoy it...

Images courtesy of Tom Wood, Corsa Research, Steve Wakefield, Bianchi-Piras and Peter Marshall 

Current Browns Lane staff were fascinated to see what their forebears built
You'd never guess what hides in a nearby warehouse
On location, just above freezing, and here comes the rain
Those clever Germans: a built-in lunch hot plate
Passenger comfort was not part of the design brief
Chris and his Italian ground crew: wet but undefeated!
Two famous faces, one common passion for Jaguars
Chocks away!