Private Sales Service

Whether buying or selling, reach the right clientele with Kidston SA as your exclusive agent.

As part of the service we offer private clients, Kidston SA is pleased to assist you in discreetly finding a new home for any rare collectors' car that is fresh to the market and historically significant. We equally act as an agent for private buyers seeking to add to their collections, particularly those who require anonymity and expert guidance.

In any one transaction we normally act only for one party.

In our Private Treaty catalogues, collectors can peruse details of some of the motor cars that clients have instructed Kidston SA to offer for sale by private treaty. Further information is available by contacting Simon Kidston or Emanuele Collo, either by telephone on +41 22 740 1939 or by e-mail: or


Nobody is better placed to find a rare and elusive motor car for you.

You're considering investing in a collectors' car, but you're not sure which make or model will suit you best. Kidston SA will discuss your preferences with you and advise on the pros and cons of each, suggesting alternatives if requested.

If you would like us to find you a specific motor car and would prefer not to spend all day e-mailing or telephoning dealers, brokers and private sellers, we can probably save you time and help you make the right choice.

We welcome requests from serious buyers.


Once we've created a shortlist together, Kidston SA will go out into the market and begin searching for the right car for you. If and when we locate it, we will inform you and, if instructed, begin negotiations on your behalf to acquire it for the best possible price.

If you've already found a car but want an objective second opinion, speak to us in complete confidence. Is it genuine? Has it been on the market for long? Why is it for sale? Is the price fair? Is it likely to appreciate? We have found that the best deals are those where both parties know exactly what they are getting into before making their decisions.

Once terms are agreed, we will supervise the exchange of funds and the handover of the car and all related paperwork, plus shipping to the destination of your choice anywhere in the world with a reliable carrier on the best available terms. If required, we can arrange all importation formalities and even road registration in your home country.
Fee Structure

Our rates page should provide a useful guide, but please let us know your requirements and we will suggest the most cost-effective solution. For example, we can also tailor our charges if you have already found the car of your choice and would like us to handle the execution of the deal.


Kidston SA can assist you in making the right choice and, if required, putting it into action.

These days there are so many ways to sell a collectors' car that one could be forgiven for finding it difficult to decide which is in your best interests. We advise collectors on the advantages and pitfalls of both private and auction sales, and help them through the entire process, ensuring that they present their car to the best possible effect and obtain the keenest terms in any sale.

We have years of goodwill behind us, through working with collectors, dealers and auction houses in Europe and the USA, which gives us a network of industry contacts second to none. Our aim is to ensure that collectors make the right choices at every step and walk away with a better deal than they might have been able to secure without our involvement.