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  • Monocoque chassis makes this car well suited for historic racing
  • Appears to have had light restoration and been unused since
  • Eligible for a wide range of track and hillclimb events

1971 Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/3

This car is a 1970/71 T33/3 and carries a chassis plate inside the front right wheel arch reading '11572*009', which does not accord with the other identifying information that it is '75080.003' which is much more logical. This is an incorrect plate as this is a T33/3, a monocoque car and all the 3-litre monocoques had a chassis prefix number of '75080'. '11572' is a chassis prefix for the 1972 TT cars with the tubular chassis.

The T33/3s were the first 3-litre cars and were first built in 1969 and first raced at Sebring, with much development work and testing done by John Surtees. The first cars had a rounded front nose section in two configurations, one with an open front and one with a closed front. The first cars had more rounded rear sections which became squarer during 1969 as the fronts remained rounded. The shape changed through 1970 and 1971 by which time the cars had much squarer front and rear sections. We do know that some of the earlier cars evolved and the same chassis were used through the period, acquiring newer bodywork, until very few cars remained exactly to the early design. Late in 1970, a totally revised chassis was produced with a shorter wheelbase than the earlier 3-litre car. This car has the slightly later T33/3 feature of leather covering over the fuel tanks in the cockpit. This car is on Firestone HR tyres, front: 9.0/22.0-13 and rear: 13.5/25Z-15. It has the angled instrumentation which was carried forward from the 1968 cars, this time on the left side of a right-hand drive car. The car carries a race # 6 on it but that is a recent addition. The car has had a light, sympathetic restoration, the engine compartment has been painted as has the cockpit area. All mechanical and electrical components are period correct and many accessories appear to have been cleaned rather than replaced. The bell-housing is stamped with engine number '0082'. The engine looks unused since rebuilt and the suspension and uprights appear new.

We believe this car is a 1971 (later) version of the T33/3 and that it is '75080.003'. The complication with these cars is that Autodelta may have started a new sequence of numbering with the revised cars, and [there] is more than one car with this chassis number, though the later engine number is more likely with the later version. We are also investigating another car of the earlier 1969 type which is the candidate for the 'other' '75080.003' identification. We would like to measure the wheelbase on these two cars for comparison.

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