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  • The ultimate European specification Dino 246 GTS, presented in its oeiginal Nocciola Metallizzato colour
  • Complete with tools and leather pouch
  • UK registered and ready to be driven
European specification, one of only 13 Dino GTSs delivered in Nocciola Metallizzato

1973 Ferrari Dino 246GTS

Coachwork by Scaglietti


“... has just about the highest cornering power of anything that I have driven. It bears no relationship to normal road car, being comparable only with racing cars...but it is also a thoroughly practical two seater touring car for shopping and going to the office" -John Bolster, Autosport


The Ferrari Dino 246 GTS

The Ferrari Dino 246 GTS targa-roofed convertible was launched at the 1972 Geneva Motor Show and proved an immediate hit, particularly in the U.S. Apart from the removable roof panel that can be stowed

behind the seats, compared to a Dino GT, the GTS can be distinguished by its lack of rear quarter windows, replaced by a sail panel with three rectangular vents.

All Dino GTSs were based on the final, E series cars that were introduced mid-1971. From February 1972 to the model’s demise in 1974, 1282 convertible GTSs were sold, primarily to North America. As with the coupé, U.S. versions are slightly less powerful, by about 20bhp, and as we have described elsewhere, many interiors were vinyl, although by now the GTS was very much a ‘premium’ car in the U.S. and Great Britain, with leather ordered on a regular basis and air-conditioning a specified option.

The GTS will always command a premium over its coupé sibling, with leather, ‘chairs and flares’ cars the most valuable.Ferrari Classiche will not certify a car with Ferrari badges, although (despite being forbidden by the factory) some dealers sold customers chrome prancing horses for the front grill and rear transom, and chrome ‘Ferrari’ lettering on the boot. The cars were from the ‘Dino’ sub-brand.

Colour is a matter of preference but too many have been repainted ‘resale red’ from a period correct and original gold, metallic brown, purple, lime green or Rosso Dino orangey red.

The 246 Dino GTS made regular appearances in film and TV. Enthusiasts for the model might wish to search out DVD copies of ‘Gas Pump Girls’, ‘Insatiable’, ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’, ‘Miami Vice’, ‘Hart to Hart’, ‘Kojak’ and ‘T.J. Hooker’. Or maybe not.


This Motorcar

Per Ferrari register, chassis no. 07066 was delivered new to Rome in September of 1973. It was one of just 13 Dino GTS to have been painted in 'Nocciola Metallizzato', a color that seems to fit this model rather perfectly.

A document dated August 11 1975 issued by Motor S.p.A (a Ferrari dealership in Rome and Bologna) states that the car was in the hands of an Antonio La Paca, resident in Stockholm and registered with 'Roma M 46574' plates. In fact, chassis no. 07066 will appear on the cover of the February 1977 issue of Swedish magazine Billsport. The Dino has remained in Sweden ever since. 

This lustrous original colors Dino 246 GTS is sold complete of jack, tools,  owner's manual, service book with leather pouch and parts catalogue. 

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