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Chassis No.
  • In fine condition, an older restoration by Carrozzeria Old Car, Milan ca 2006
  • European taxes paid
  • Fast, elegant and ready for the summer
One of 424 built

1970 Fiat Dino 2400 Spider

Coachwork by Pininfarina

The Fiat Dino is a car which is sheer enchantment for the enthusiast to handle. The farther I travelled in it, the better I liked it, for it is a driver’s car par excellence” – John Bolster writing in Autosport

The Fiat Dino Spider

The Fiat Dino, first seen as a seductive Spider from Pininfarina, soon joined by an understated four-seater coupé by Bertone, served two purposes: Ferrari could homologate the punchy V6 motor for Formula 2 as a ‘production’ engine and Fiat would strengthen its association with Maranello, home to the world’s most glamorous maker of cars for the rich and famous.

Enzo Ferrari honoured his late son Alfredino by naming every small-capacity Ferrari V6 ‘Dino’. In Formula 1, Mike Hawthorn became World Champion in 1958 driving a 246 Dino grand prix car, while over the next ten years sports-racing Dinos took the fight to arch-rivals Porsche. 

Engineer Rocchi was charged with productionising the DOHC F2 racing engine for use in both the upcoming mid-engined Ferrari Dino 206 GT and the more conventional, yet still upmarket, Fiats. The first production Dino engine was a 1987cc, all-alloy unit fed by three Webers producing around 160bhp. Whether for Ferrari or Fiat, all V6s were manufactured and assembled in Turin to an identical specification, although Ferrari cast the sump and gearbox for the 206 GT.

The Fiat Dino Spider, introduced at the 1966 Turin Motor Show, was a lithesome car with elegant Pininfarina coachwork that echoed many aspects of its 1965 Paris Salon Dino 206 S concept. Performance was brisk: tested by Autocar, 0-60mph came up in 8.1 seconds and the maximum was 127mph. These 2.0-litre cars had live rear axles, all-round discs and a Fiat 5-speed gearbox. The mechanically similar Dino Coupé followed in March 1967 and several were to find fame as the Mafia cars in The Italian Job.

In 1968 a new, cast-iron block was introduced across the board for all Dinos: capacity increased to 2419cc, power to 180bhp, and more torque gave it greater flexibility. Another significant change was the move from the live axle to a more advanced all-independent set-up, and the delicate Fiat ’box was replaced by a tougher unit from ZF. Minor changes were made to the grille and interior.

The Fiat Dino 2400 Spider was a more rounded car, probably a touch quicker than the 2.0-litre – certainly easier to drive – and is today considered the pick of the crop.

Production of both Coupé and Spider ceased in 1973 after 1557 Spiders and 6043 Coupés had been built. Just 424 were Dino 2400 Spiders and this figure bears interesting comparison with the 1282 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS Targa-top convertibles sold from 1972 to 1974.

This Motor Car

Built in 1970, this Fiat Dino 2400 Spider was delivered to its first Milanese owner, Giancarlo Boniello. In his ownership the car was registered 'MIL27381'

Around 2006, Mr Boniello - still the owner of the car - commissioned a restoration by Carrozzeria Old Car of Gaggiano (a suburb of Milan). The colour chosen was Giallo Colorado, a subtle shade of yellow that contrasted well with the new black interior. Subsequently, it was sold to a resident of Marseille who consigned it to auction, from where our client purchased it in May 2008.

Since then, it has enjoyed a life of pleasure on the fine driving roads of southern France. To the ultimate specification, French registered and totally ‘on the button’, this attractive Fiat Dino Spider is an opportunity to enjoy the first rays of summer sunshine in fine style.

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