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Chassis No.
  • Superb original Arancio Miura livery
  • Mechanically rebuilt and repainted by Ismo Sabattini
  • One of the most iconic sports cars of all time
  • Italian (EU) registered

1968 Lamborghini Miura P400

Coachwork by Bertone

The definitive supercar of the Sixties, the Miura needs no introduction. In original P400 form it left its rivals for dead in terms of styling, performance and handling- if not perhaps build quality. Today the Miura is considered the original supercar, the motoring landmark which set the template and inspired all Latin exotica which followed and is frequently voted ‘sexiest car’ of all time.

The Miura progressed through three different series: the original P400 (as famously featured in the film The Italian Job), the slightly evolved S (recognizable by its chromed window surrounds) and the final SV (wider rear arches, deleted headlamp ‘eyelashes’ and subtly altered front bumper and rear lights). Each has its admirers, and all are rare, valuable and exciting to own.

Chassis ‘3586’ is an example of the original P400 Miura, finished in the colour for which the model became famous: Arancio Miura (orange). It was supplied new via Italian dealer Zani to a customer named Marini on 2nd July 1968, the year when the Miura was at the height of its popularity. The interior was originally black. Almost 44 years later the car is still in Italy, as fate would have it in the collection of an industrialist who, as a young man in 1968, was appointed an official dealer by Ferruccio Lamborghini and sold several new Miuras. He acquired this car circa 2005 from an Italian dealer and entrusted it to Ismo Sabattini of Auto Elite in Bologna for a comprehensive mechanical overhaul which included fitting a replacement block (the original comes with the car) for longevity, also repainting the coachwork in Arancio Miura. Since then the car has been driven to several events and is reported as in excellent working order.

Italian (EU) registered, this Miura would be perfectly at home crossing the Alps at speed whilst listening to Matt Monro’s ‘On Days Like These’. Sunglasses not included…

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