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  • Ultra rare and appreciating supercar
  • Faster than an F40, less expensive than a McLaren F1
  • Four turbos, four wheel drive, 542bhp and 343km/h
  • Expensive Swiss homologation and registration completed

1993 Bugatti EB110 GT

The Bugatti EB110 was designed by engineer Paolo Stanzani and stylist Marcello Gandini, co-creators of the iconic Lamborghini Countach. Beneath the skin there were similarities, the short-stroke V12 engine with forward mounted gearbox having been pioneered on the Countach. Had the EB110 stopped there it would have constituted a remarkable enough debut for a fledgling manufacturer, but Stanzani added five valves per cylinder, four turbochargers, a bespoke six-speed gearbox and four-wheel drive. A carbonfibre chassis built by Aerospatiale, compact overall dimensions and excellent traction combined to ensure exceptional agility, grip and balance no matter what the conditions.  With 542bhp available, the Bugatti EB110 could reach 100km/h from standstill in less than 4 seconds on its way to 343km/h, eclipsing the Ferrari F40 as Italy’s flagship supercar of the 1990s. While, understandably, headline writers emphasised its performance to the exclusion of almost everything else except the price ($456,000), the EB110 was also a well built product possessing a roomy and lavishly equipped interior. It is believed that 95 examples of the EB110 GT model and 31 of the stripped out SS variant (Michael Schumacher being one high profile owner) were built, 1992-1995, making it considerably rarer than any of its rivals except the contemporary McLaren F1.

Chassis ‘39040’ was previously UK registered (the old British V5 document accompanies the car) when owned by Sheikh Rasheed Al Rushaid of Ennismore Gardens, London SW7. Records with the car show that it had accumulated 9,500km by the time it was auctioned by Christie’s on 19th April 2005, when it was acquired by the current (believed third) owner. Christie’s catalogue read as follows: “This example was originally supplied in metallic silver, but it would appear that the first owner had a change of heart and had the car repainted Bugatti blue. Its appearance is further enhanced by the Supersport's seven-spoke wheels, which were offered as an option by the factory. Currently in its second ownership, this car was first registered in January 1992, and was imported into the UK in April 2003 having previously been kept in Los Angeles. It has seen limited use throughout its life (the odometer reading of less than 9,500kms attests to this), despite which it has been professionally maintained and serviced throughout, most recently by high performance specialists Eurosportscars.”

“During the summer of 2003, the paintwork was renewed by noted specialists Moto Technique, and the suspension was overhauled by DK Engineering. A full service was completed in April 2004, during which a few minor adjustments were made to the fuel system and the turbos to ensure fully correct working order. The interior is upholstered in pale grey leather with walnut dash and is in good condition, although the leather does show a few small scuffs not unusual for a car whose ingress and egress are more than normally complicated. In general this car is well presented, and represents an ideal opportunity for a collector or enthusiast to acquire a benchmark of the supercar world, a car that combines show-stopping looks with startling performance and an exclusivity that rivals McLaren's F1.

Following its purchase the car was imported to Switzerland by noted experts CAR Logistics (at a cost of CHF 32,087) with work necessary for Swiss registration, including a 10,000km service and two new catalysts, performed in 2008 by Ferrari agent Modena Cars in Geneva for a staggering CHF 83,744.55. The car is now Swiss registered, in beautiful condition (the only fault noted is a broken switch on the roof control panel) and with just 10,097km (6,274 miles) recorded. We recommend Bugatti EB110s of any variety to collectors looking to the future, and this example is worthy of close inspection.

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