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  • First delivered to Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi
  • One of nine right-hand drive Miura SVs, one of two Miura SVs delivered in Azzurro Cielo (Sky Blue)
  • Rare and desirable factory limited-slip differential; factory air conditioning
  • Matching numbers and well-documented history
The ex-Tony Iommi, RHD, 'split sump', Euro spec

1972 Lamborghini Miura P400 SV

Coachwork by Bertone

It was quite exhilarating at the time as there weren´t many cars around that would do the speed,  or had quite the style… I wasn´t very popular with my neighbours, as I came driving back to the house late at night and the Miura was quite a loud one!” – rock legend Tony Iommi speaking in 2016, recalling his ownership of Miura SV ‘4814’
The Lamborghini Miura P400 SV

The Lamborghini Miura needs little introduction. The wildest poster car of the late-1960s generation; the first mid-engined sports car in series production; the favourite of rock stars, new money oil sheiks and the absolute rulers of the Middle East.
Available in a kaleidoscope of colours, the Miura had it all. Five years – and two models, the P400 and P400 S – after the car first caused such a sensation at the Geneva Show, in 1971 the final Miura made a bow at the same venue. It was the SV, of which only 150 were produced.
With beefed-up bodywork to cover wider wheels and tyres, the SV looked the business – even the ‘eyelashes’ had gone. And for the last run of SVs, oil from the sump no longer served both the gearbox and engine; two separate reservoirs allowed different lubricants to be used. Air-conditioning was an option – but not always specified.
The best SVs were to European specification, with no side repeaters or other US concessions. A limited-slip differential was fitted to very few cars. Right-hand drive was also rare – only nine SVs were originally built in RHD.

This Motor Car

Anthony Frank ‘Tony’ Iommi, lead guitarist of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath, was told by a dealer about “this new SV Miura model coming out, he mentioned there would only be seven made for the UK market,” and liking “the idea of getting a Lamborghini because of Mr  Lamborghini´s background story,” took delivery of  ‘4814’ in 1972, directly off the stand at the Birmingham Motor Show.
The car was finished in subtle Azzurro Cielo (Sky Blue) – one of only two SVs in this colour (the other also handled Kidston SA). More importantly, it was a Euro-spec car to the ultimate specification of A/C, limited-slip differential and ‘split sump’.
Following Iommi’s colourful ownership, ‘4814’ has resided in the motor houses of discerning collectors including former Virgin Records boss Simon Draper and Sir Anthony Bamford. Latterly, it has formed a centrepiece in a European collection of significant Lamborghinis.
It has a fully documented history, benefiting from a UK restoration completed some five years ago, which we feel can be improved upon by our 'best in field' restorers in Italy whose work won the Lamborghini Class at Pebble Beach.
Kidston SA is already supervising this remedial work which will take one year and in our opinion should result in the best right-hand drive Miura SV of an already exclusive club.

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