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    1993 Porsche 959 Series II


    • Rare Series II variant (one of less than 10) with detail differences
    • Known history and maintenance record
    • Complete with owners handbooks and tools
    • Landmark supercar with excellent future prospects


    In 1992/1993, Porsche built eight 959s assembled from spare parts from the inventory at the manufacturing site in Zuffenhausen. All eight were 'Komfort'-versions: four in red and four in silver. These cars were much more expensive (DM 747,500) than the earlier ones (DM 420,000). The later cars also featured a newly developed speed-sensitive damper system. The cars were sold to selected collectors after being driven by works personnel for some time and are today by far the most sought-after 959s.” Source: Wikipedia.

    Original 959 production lasted from 1986-1988, but in the 1990s Porsche assembled a very small series of 959s for select clients incorporating a few detail updates, the most obvious of which was an all-black interior instead of the 1980s style multi-stripe seats of the earlier 959. It is believed that perhaps 7 or 8 such cars were built and they are usually referred to as the Series 2 versions.


    We know this example well, having handled its sale many years ago in our Bonhams & Brooks days on behalf of well-known Anglo-Swiss collector and enthusiast Anthony Maclean. He had acquired it in early 1998 from renowned dealer Lukas Huni in Zurich and imported it shortly thereafter to the UK, entrusting maintenance to Porsche GB in Reading. The 959 was used for long distance trips between Anthony’s homes in Geneva, the south of France and the UK and the author remembers co-driving the car back from a maintenance sojourn at the Porsche factory in Stuttgart one rainy night early in 1999- a journey which most other supercar owners wouldn’t have contemplated. After deciding to sell on several occasions but then changing his mind every time he drove it again, Anthony finally parted with the 959 at our 2001 Les Grandes Marques à Monaco auction where, for FF.1,500,000 plus premium (roughly equal to today’s price) the car was acquired by Gstaad based über-collector Peter Livanos. (Footnote: Anthony Maclean missed the 959 so much that he bought another…which he eventually sold and replaced with…yet another.)


    Peter Livanos sold the 959 through an English dealer to another well-known connoisseur with links to the UK and Switzerland, historic and modern racer Juan Barazi- also a great fan of the 959 and a multiple owner. It was from him that, in March 2005, the current British owner acquired the car with some 45,000km covered. Since then it has been serviced every year by Porsche GB without regard to cost, and bills for £25,000 are on file. During the present ownership Porsche GB has overhauled the suspension, fitted a new clutch, repaired oil leaks, refurbished the magnesium wheels and serviced the all-wheel drive system. The car also has new tyres, a fresh service and a new MoT roadworthiness certificate.


    Service records show official stamps for work in previous ownerships carried out in 1993, 1995, 1999, 2001 and 2004. The car was originally delivered at the factory in Stuttgart in April 1993, and comes with full books, original radio and tool kit. A Tracker and alarm system are also discreetly fitted. The car is UK registered, described by its private British owner (a Porsche enthusiast  who previously acquired a Carrera GT via Kidston SA) as in ‘tip top condition’, and ready to take on any trip.


    Finally, the car was shown by Porsche GB at the Goodwood Revival Earls Court motor show displays in 2008 and 2009 as an example of one of history’s landmark supercars (see PGB magazine for pictures); Porsche selected it as the best 959 in the UK on the basis of condition. It was also recently used by Porsche GB in displays to launch new 997 Turbo for the same reasons.


    Never before allocated to a car, the UK registration number ‘959 POR’ is available by separate negotiation.















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