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  • A genuine one owner from new car
  • Most desirable specification: European version, split sump engine and air conditioning
  • Superb original colour scheme
  • The ultimate collectors Lamborghini
One owner from new and a unique colour scheme

1972 Lamborghini Miura P400 SV

Coachwork by Bertone

"Back in 1966, the supercar didn't really exist- until the Miura. Before it there were more simply high performance Gran Turismo and sports cars... Then came the Miura. Not only was the 'upstart' Lamborghini company offering a new car so soon after its baptism... but it was offering something so radical, so outrageous and doing it so seriously. Low, swoopy, cunning with a mid-mounted, transversely slung V12 under the rear window. Nothing like it had been seen before. It was the first supercar; a car on a different plane from those that had preceded it. The Miura might be described as the most significant production GT of that decade. From then on all had to follow." Lamborghini Miura by Pete Coltrin and Jean-Francois Marchet, 1982.

Swansong of the Miura dynasty, the SV was launched at the 1971 Geneva Salon. Shown alongside (and at the time overshadowed by) the prototype Countach, the SV barely registered with the general motoring world and just 150 were built before production ended early in 1973, but today the Miura SV is widely considered the most desirable Lamborghini ever made and one of the defining sports cars of the 20th century.

Just a handful of Miuras remain in the hands of their original owner today; this late SV is one such car. Delivered new in May 1972 to Padova in northern Italy and supplied by the Righetti dealership in nearby Vicenza, chassis ‘5066’ has spent the past 38 years with the enthusiast who acquired it brand new in memory of his late brother, who had always dreamed of owning a Miura. It is the only Miura supplied in this colour dramatic scheme- a very attractive combination of Blue Tahiti with white leather. It retains its original Padova licence plates, Italian registration book, factory tool kit (including the rare emergency window winder) and small details like the rubber battery cover. There is no better specification for a Miura SV: it is a European version (those destined for the American market were obliged to have side marker lights and other safety/ emissions add-ons mandated by US law) with split sump lubrication (featuring separate oil for engine and gearbox) and air conditioning. No other Miura SV combines these features with this unique livery and provenance.

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