Kidston SA can assist in arranging bespoke insurance packages for small and large collections.

If your previous experience of insurance companies is that they are often quicker to collect premiums than to pay out in the event of a legitimate claim, find out if we can get a better deal for you. We have devised tailor-made policies with AA-rated global insurers and specialist syndicates at Lloyd's of London to include:

  • Agreed choice of restorer in the event of accident damage.
  • Coverage for historic racing, including circuit events.
  • Coverage for loss of value through accident damage even after perfect repair (recommended for owners of supercars and ultra-original cars).
  • Coverage for worldwide transport risks (ideal and very cost-effective if your car is frequently being shipped/trucked/flown to events).
  • Offshore cover for owners who prefer the value of their collection to remain private.
  • Flexible cover for classic car dealers.

Find out if you are getting the most cost-effective cover for your collection by contacting us now without cost or obligation.