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Welcome to The Miura Register

Miuraregister.com is live today!

762 cars. At least that's the official number, although anything in 1960s Italy was open to interpretation. Did you know the factory added 100 to the sequence of production numbers from one car to the next? Nobody knows why, but probably to inflate sales figures. You've heard of valuable old racing cars where the same chassis number ends up assigned to two cars, but Lamborghini were doing it with new Miuras in the 1960s.

A customer living in a country with high import taxes crashes his Miura and wants another one, but doesn't want to pay taxes twice? No problem: here's a new car with the old number. It gives car historians sleepless nights.

We've spent a few of those trying to record every Miura ever built and what happened to it. Relatively few have disappeared altogether, but we need your help to know how many are left and where in the world they've ended up. Know a friend who owns one? Did you too? Please let us know.

The site will develop on an almost daily basis as we gather and update information and photographs, so please keep checking back. It's a team effort and anyone who can offer useful fresh data will receive a year's free subscription.

Thanks for your support.

The Miura Register Editors
Simon, Emanuele, Brett, Steve and Ben

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