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Welcome to Miuraland!

Over 130,000 visitors - a record - enjoyed this year's Rétromobile, one of the best-ever events dedicated to all things stylish, unique and interesting in the world of seriously collectable cars.
It was our first showing in Paris. Don't be fooled by the oasis of calm in the pre-opening photo above - at times it felt as if every one of the 130,000 wanted to say hello and whisper about a Miura they knew gathering dust somewhere... Or look at preview spreads of our forthcoming book on the model. It's been forever in gestation - but will be published later this year.
Our intention in Paris was to showcase and celebrate the greatest examples of Lamborghini's original supercar, all of which we've helped collectors source over the past decade. So the most valuable Lamborghini ever sold (the Shah's SVJ) rubbed shoulders with the one-off Roadster and another genuine SVJ, the 'Corsica car'.

We also presented four cars available for immediate enjoyment in 2019. The freshly restored ex-Shah of Iran Miura P400 sold within hours to a world-class collector, while the much-admired pastel blue Lamborghini 350 GT, only the sixth car built by the company, will soon be headed across the globe to a new VIP client.
No-one claimed the prize for actually counting the rivets on the one-off Miura P400 S Millechiodi ('1000 nails'), but the green machine - finishing a three-year rebuild in Italy - was pored over by a host of knowledgeable visitors. And for those seeking a totally correct, Euro spec Miura SV, our orange car set the standard.
So, to the organisers, the enthusiasts - Miuristi, all - and above all you, our clients and friends, we say "Thank you, merci and grazie mille!" It's been emotional. Roll on 2020 - we'll be back.
See www.miurabook.com

Miura-owning motoring titans Sir Michael Kadoorie and Jean Todt
Ex-Bertone man Pietro Stroppa, who designed various Miura details including the stylised badge and wheels, paid a surprise visit