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Full Throttle — A Blast from the Past

Boys and their toys...let's face it, they're what our world is all about. Sit back for a few minutes and spare a thought for a great Briton we wanted to salute in this short film as he died 80 years ago this week end. Not many people know him outside the motoring world, but he was one of the original Bentley Boys and his legacy looms large amongst car collectors, enthusiasts and historians (and, soon if Hollywood has its way, cinema goers too). We decided to get some friends together and have some fun in the English countryside. As usual, we got rather carried away...

Having arrived in deepest Norfolk, three hours drive from London, where the world's leading restorer of vintage Moth aircraft tinkers away on the 'planes entrusted to him, it turned out that not only did generous relatives live nearby, but closer still was the last resting place of someone we've all heard of. So one thing led to another: our Italian camera crew flew over, a friendly local helicopter pilot volunteered his services, and sooner than you can say 'Action' we were shooting our own version of The English Patient. It's amazing how a Norfolk beach can stand in for the Sahara desert.

The owners of Holkham let us turn it into Heathrow for the day
Bentley had been stored for past 40 years
Up, up and away: told you we got carried away
Family relics dragged out for the occasion and neither let us down
Moth guru Henry Labouchere shows how it's done
Producer and director get artistic whilst bemused pilot leaves us to it
It's a weird feeling driving an open top car with a chopper hovering above you
The Sahara desert comes to Norfolk- well, sort of...
Same car, same family...
...but 78 years apart
Contrary to popular belief not all British gardens look like this
Idyllic Blakeney Church, Norfolk
A British hero: Tim Birkin, 1896-1933