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Au Revoir Jean-Pierre!

It's with sadness that we report the death of a friend and gentleman, former French F1 driver Jean-Pierre Beltoise, at the age of 77. Winner of the rain soaked 1972 Monaco Grand Prix, and a successful sports car veteran, he was married to the glamourous Jacqueline, sister of dashing driver Francois Cevert, Jackie Stewart's team mate at Tyrrell whose tragic death contributed to the Scottish champion's early retirement.

I knew Jean-Pierre and Jacqueline through handling the sale of their car collection in 2005, one of my most satisfying moments at Bonhams, appropriately enough on a sunny day in Monaco. Jean-Pierre was also a willing interviewee for my Miura book, as a former owner with more than his fair share of thrills and spills at the wheel to recount. In later years he was an avid campaigner for better driving standards and an advisor to the French government. His passing takes us another step further away from a golden era of motorsport, when flairs and sideburns ruled the paddock and life was fast but often fleeting.