Expert Advice

You don't have to know everything about the classic car market. That's our job.

With 25 years at the cutting edge of the classic car world, we are uniquely placed to offer impartial, up-to-the-minute market information and objective advice to our clients. Kidston SA differs from the many reputable brokers, dealers and auction houses around the world in that we act solely and exclusively for one client in any given transaction.

What does this mean in practice? It means that we only take a fee from the client instructing us, and you see the whole picture. Our fee structure aims to be straightforward and transparent, and as free from conflicts of interest as possible.

We are strong believers in the principle that buyers will one day become sellers, and vice versa, and our opinion about the market should not waver depending on which we are advising. Expect frank, informed opinion and the inside track if you seek our assistance.

These are just a few of the areas where we can add value and accompany you in decision-making:

  • Recent market data and sentiment. You've read the headlines, but what was the backstory and how does it affect your car? Should you buy, sell or hold?
  • Auction or private sale? We've been on both sides of the negotiation and are uniquely placed to offer a 360-degree view of the pros and cons.
  • To restore or not to restore? Trends are changing, and values with them. We judge at concours and know what the market likes... and what it doesn't.
  • When you embark upon work, from a service to a 'ground-up' restoration, who should you use, what's a fair price, and who is best to supervise the result?
  • Shipping is a minefield. Who can you trust with your pride and joy? What questions should you ask? What's a fair price? We've learned the hard way so you don't need to.
  • History and originality are the two most important factors determining the value of a top-tier classic car. We help buyers, sellers and owners verify both.
  • Title paperwork varies from country to country, so how do you know what to look for when buying a valuable motor car, especially abroad? Peace of mind is important.
  • You'd like to take part in an historic event, but the choice of eligible cars is baffling. Does 'eligible' actually mean it will be accepted if you buy one? Don't find out afterwards.
  • You want a plain, old-fashioned view on what a car is actually like to drive? We haven't tried them all out, but we're rarely short of an opinion!