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Chassis No.
Engine No.
  • First delivered to Conte Massimiliano Zanon in Grigio Cascine with Pelle Chiara (beige)
  • An exquisite ‘double-bubble’ Zagato with desirable 2.5-litre, triple-carburettor engine
  • Italian registered with fresh Lancia Classiche certification
  • Known Italian history from new with no gaps
  • Freshly serviced by marque expert Giuliano Facetti
Italian history from new, first delivered to Count Zanon

1962 Lancia Flaminia Sport 3C Zagato

“The car should be unexcelled for high-speed, long-distance touring in comfort… the quality is of a kind only possible in handmade cars, and to get it you have to be willing to pay. For those who are willing, it offers transportation that is, beyond doubt, in the fabled grand manner.” Road & Track tries a new Lancia Flaminia Sport Zagato in November 1960

Few marques generate as much loyalty and sheer enthusiasm as Lancia. Highly advanced in its day, a Lancia Granturismo of the 1950s and early 1960s was, without question, a ‘thinking man’s GT’, a car for true connoisseurs and the choice of champions. Juan-Manual Fangio, winner of five F1 World Titles and the 1953 Carrera Panamericana at the wheel of a Lancia D24, chose an Aurelia B20 GT for the long journeys from Modena or Maranello to races across the length and breadth of Europe.

Gianni Lancia’s creations were the ‘brain’ to Enzo Ferrari’s ‘brawn’. In Mexico in 1953, Fangio’s D24 gave away some 15mph flat out to Maglioli’s big Ferrari 375 MM yet he led home a comfortable Lancia 1-2-3. The first car from Maranello finished some 1½ hours behind.

In 1958, when Carrozzeria Zagato worked their magic on the new Flaminia GT, a legend was born. Undoubtedly a Lancia, indisputably a Zagato: the new car was destined for greatness.

The Lancia Flaminia Sport Zagato

 Zagato’s take on Lancia’s new Flaminia first appeared at the 1958 Turin Motor Show and was based on the chassis, running gear and shorter, 2,520mm wheelbase of the Flaminia GT. Clothed entirely in handcrafted aluminium, it was a typical design from the Milanese coachbuilder: low, aerodynamic and functional. Under the bonnet sat a production – 119bhp, 2.5-litre, single-carb V6 – Flaminia GT engine, but thanks to Zagato’s wind-cheating design top speed was now 112mph.

In limited-series production the following year, the new Flaminia Sport Zagato was built on bare chassis supplied by Lancia. Inevitably, with both houses having such a fine competition record, some were raced and rallied, but the elegant coupé came into its own as a favourite of discreet businessman and more discerning figures in public life. Italian actor Marcello Mastroianni was one.

The first 99 cars bore streamlined, faired-in headlamps. In 1960, to meet new Italian regulations, the balance of the first series carried open headlamps in the style of the contemporary Ferrari 250 GT SWB. The famous ‘double bubble’ roof was a feature found on Flaminia Zagatos.

In total, specialist sources suggest that, when production finished in 1967, some 599 Flaminia Sport Zagatos had been produced. Later cars had variations in engines and carburettors while, from 1964, the final Super Sport was a heavily restyled version with a ‘Kamm’ tail.

Each has its proponents. Some prefer the later car’s aggression and more scientific aerodynamics, while others favour the delicacy of the earlier version, whose finely crafted lines are shown off so well by this example built in 1962.

This Motor Car

According to the Certificato di Origine from Lancia Classiche dated 25 September 2019, this car was completed on 9 October 1962. It was a Flaminia Coupé Sport 3C and the notation assegnata a Zagato confirms that the car was destined for clothing by the great Milanese coachbuilder. The certificate notes chassis number 3495, engine number 13657 – both ‘matching’ numbers it bears today.

As delivered, ‘3495’ was completed in Grigio Cascine with Pelle Chiara interior – a sophisticated combination of very dark grey with pale beige leather. Recent research by Kidston SA has revealed the following ownership trail:

·         First owner (VC 76480). Registered on 30/11/1962 by Conte Massimiliano Zanon

·         Second owner (TO 743745). Registered on 4/10/1965 by Gianni Sola, bought for 1,000,000 Lire

·         Third owner (GE 357756). Registered on 3/5/1968 by Maurizio Ricci, bought for 300,000 Lire

·         Fourth owner (GE 357756). Registered on 6/8/1969 by Adele Boffelli, bought for 50,000 Lire

·         Fifth owner (GE357756). Registered on 29/10/1970 by Lazzaro Ferrando, bought for 30,000 Lire

·         Sixth owner (GE357756). Registered on 4/12/1991 by Carlo Giribaldi, bought for 30,000,000 Lire

·         Seventh owner (GE 357756). Registered on 29/12/1994 by Roberto Bubani, bought for 15,000,000 Lire

·         Eighth and last registered owner (GE 357756). Registered on 10/7/2007

The aristocratic Zanon di Valgiurata family of Vicenza had founded Banque Morval, a Geneva-based private bank. Various members of the Zanon family were closely associated with motor racing – typical upper-class clients for Lancia at the time. Count Giuseppe Zanon and his cousin, Count Vittorio, supported drivers such as Ronnie Peterson, Michele Alboreto and Ayrton Senna.

Appreciating the interesting unbroken history of this Flaminia Zagato, in September 2019, Kidston SA commissioned an independent inspection report by marque expert Fabio Calligaris. In his September 2019 summary he concluded:

·         The car is genuine, and the serial numbers are all correct. The engine has the correct prefix, 823-10

·         Other than a general check-up, no major work is necessary before using the car

Since then, under the direction of respected Italian Lancia specialist Fratelli Galbiati of Milan, award-winning bodyshop Carrozzeria Cremonini returned the car to its original livery of Grigio Cascine and also attended to various cosmetic details, bringing the car up to a good standard of finish for today’s collector. Modenese firm Interni Auto, responsible for many concours-standard Ferraris, retrimmed the interior in correct Pelle Chiara.

In addition, the car received a major service at the legendary Milan garage of Giuliano Facetti, the Lancia and Alfa Romeo specialist who, with his brother Carlo, made the family name famous racing mostly Italian cars in the ’60s and ’70s.

This is a ‘matching numbers’ Flaminia Sport Zagato in superb original colours, with the more powerful three carburettor engine, fresh to the market, now on the button and ideal for a multitude of Grand Touring and concours events.

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