1966 Alfa Romeo TZ2 replica

The Oxford dictionary defines a ‘replica’ as ‘an exact copy of’, and it’s hard to think of a better example than this. Assembled over a period of several years by a diligent TZ owner and authority, sourcing many original parts which are no longer available, we doubt that there is another TZ2 replica in existence built to this level of accuracy and period detail. The car is indistinguishable from a genuine TZ2 save for one small feature specifically added to prevent anyone passing it off in future generations as a factory-built example.

With perfect copies of other legendary racing cars such as the Ferrari 250GTO and Lancia D24/D50 now a familiar sight at events such as the Goodwood Revival, the opportunities to enjoy an automobile such as this are greater than ever before. We would wholeheartedly recommend this car to collectors for whom the word ‘replica’ would normally be taboo because of the honesty of its purpose and the level of knowledge involved in its creation.