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Miuras we have known

Just a few of the Miuras we've been fortunate to handle in recent years. Each tells a story...

The mystery of the Conan Doyle Miura, solved and sold: bought new by the famous authors son, stored in a Geneva garage from his 1970 death until 2014
Three of the Miuras on this page were built for Lamborghinis most important (and prestigious) client, including this SV. Clue: orders dried up after 1979...
One owner Miuras of any type are rare, but this SV offered a fascinating glimpse into who bought them in period
Going topless: Austin Powers would have loved the unique Miura Roadster. You've never seen so much metal flake, baby!
Perhaps the second most original surviving SVJ, sold new to Corsica. Luckily we found him the best one too..
The most important Miura in the world? Probably. The first and most orginal SVJ, discovered in the Middle East and handled three times. Our favourite Miura.
One of the most historic Miuras, this factory 'hot rod' SV was built using the mortal remains of the original Jota's engine
Shown at the '72 Geneva Salon then hidden for 30 years, we've found a new home for this Tahiti Blue SV several times
Rock'n'roll royalty once sat here: Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi's 1972 gift to himself for hitting the big time
This SV prototype had globetrotted and had all manner of tall tales spun around it, but research and proper restoration have documented and preserved it for posterity
The second SV prototype, handled twice over the years, being enjoyed as intended on our 45th Anniversary Tour
Mr Blue Sky: restored in Switzerland, then the USA, and finally in Italy by the right people. One of two 'Azzurro Cielo' SVs
The driver: a well-sorted, late Euro spec SV being put through its paces during a group magazine test we set up in the Alps
An old friend...Simon's first Miura, restored three decades after being crashed outside a north London convent at 2am...
Paint It Black: a lovely, unrestored 'Nero Cangiante' SV which has spent its entire life in Italy. The Property of a Gentleman
One of our favourite colours, and Miuras: Verde Rio looks great on this late SV, sourced for a young Englishman