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Ferrari 250 LM — A New Life

It's approaching its 50th birthday and, not unlike most humans in middle age, some parts didn't work as well as they once did. Fortunately old cars, at least those whose owners have the patience and wherewithal to look after them properly, can check-in to places of rest and rejuvenation and emerge feeling as good as new again.

Judge for yourselves, but this old warrior looks set to enjoy another, rather more tranquil half century after a pampering sojourn in the place of its birth. Join us for a test drive over the snow covered hills above Maranello before it leaves for a new life.

It earned those numbers pounding around Le Mans for 24 hard fought hours...
Thirsty Webers look good and sound even better
Borrani's finest were weak point: some LMs changed wheels as often as tyres
Only Italians do detailing this well
Gauges for both fuel pressure and level
Ferrari's first mid-engined GT
Factory test driver puts LM through its paces