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'K-Ops' - Our Other Projects

Lastbid.com, k500.com and the forthcoming Miura book - all are projects undertaken under the Kidston umbrella, and our intention with each one is to make it THE standard-setter in its realm. LastBid for auction after-sales, K500 for punchy and incisive market analysis and The Lamborghini Miura, our much-anticipated volume on the original supercar: all projects run by the best experts in the field for you, our friends and clients.



Not everything sells at auction first time round, leaving a vast array of interesting and desirable items still on the market. That's why we've launched LastBid, a website offering a huge range of unsold auctions lots of all types - from watches and cars, to wine and sporting memorabilia.

See lastbid.com.

Miura Book


This is the history of one of the most extraordinary cars of our time, told by the people who designed it, who built it, who lived it. The fruit of more than ten years of work, and based on countless in-depth interviews, The Lamborghini Miura unravels the myths and tells the true story for the first time. The companion Register details the known history of every single Miura.

See miurabook.com.



K500 charts the values of 500 key models over time and gives auction results and market commentary from the Kidston experts live from the saleroom. Every K500 car has a detailed description, as well as current values, historical auction results and graphs recording its market value since 1994.

See k500.com.